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Online Proofing

Online ProofingNumber One for Online Proofing, Content Reveiws, and Approvals - 11 Years Running
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Online Proofing
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Online Proofing

The Leader in Creative Online Proofing and Approval Management

PROOF-it-ONLINE meets your need for a better way to approve, track and manage the approval process - all with an easy-to-use, proven web-based proofing solution.

With pricing to fit every budget, you'll no longer have to deal with hassles of traditional proof delivery methods. PROOF-it-ONLINE will give you control - it is the solution designed for you and your customers. PROOF-it-ONLINE:
  • Cuts the administrative detail giving you more time to spend on activities other than chasing down approvals
  • Turns the proofing process into a revenue generating sales tool by delivering your custom marketing messages to the reviewer
  • Accelerates project cycles and makes each job more profitable faster
  • Gives you the competitive edge by meeting the demands of today's customers for a faster, easier way to approve proofs

PROOF-it-ONLINE features:
  • Easy implementation. No software, no hardware, no hassles
  • Mac & PC compatibility
  • Seamless integration with your website and other programs
  • Simple-to-use online mark-up tools for your customers
  • Advanced features to accommodate any workflow


PROOF-it-ONLINE is a revolutionary online proofing and approval tool that will result in faster, more accurate approvals. A simple, easy-to-use solution that graphic arts professionals (designers, creatives, artists, account representatives, advertising professionals, printers, publishers and more) can put to work right now. With PROOF-it-ONLINE's approval and online proofing tool, you'll spend more time doing the things that make your business successful and less time chasing approvals. Your clients will love you for it!

PROOF-it-ONLINE's web-based proofing solutions will streamline your approval process. With our remote soft proofing solution, you can post your PDF's JPG images, GIF's, or EPS proofs to be reviewed and approved by your clients. The technology supports over 50 different graphics file formats, which can be viewed in both PDF and Flash workspaces.

Proofing, communicating with your clients and getting approvals has never been easier. With a few simple steps you can upload proofs to the web for your clients to view. Using a special suite of proofing tools, your clients can annotate files (mark them up), set the approval status and return them back to you. Gone are the days of messy faxes, expensive overnight fees and approval management nightmares. No more incompatible email attachments, or tricky FTP sites. And, with the built-in automatic email alerts, you don't have to track down your clients or keep tabs on the proofing or approval progress of a job. PROOF-it-ONLINE does it all for you!

Online proofing and approval management is clearly the wave of the future. PROOF-it-ONLINE's cutting-edge online proofing solutions require no downloads or software to purchase or install for you or your clients, so you won't waste any valuable system resources. Best of all, our proofing technology can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website. ) it can't be beat.

Come be a part of the Online Proofing Revolution! Try our Flash and Interactive Demos, then sign up today for a membership to PROOF-it-ONLINE's Online Proofing and Approval Management solution. Test drive online proofing tools with your staff and your clients and you'll see just how easy online proofing and approval management can be!